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Developing Software Solutions for Built World

Sunbim is focused on building design automation and configuration software products for developers, architects, engineers, contractors and manufacturers.

Our Beliefs

The most efficient solution doesn’t exist

The phrase 'The Most Efficient Solution' is inherently incomplete without  specifying what aspect of efficiency is being prioritised. At Sunbim, we recognise that efficiency in building design varies with perspective, objectives, and context. It must be reasonable and configurable. We don't just seek efficiency for its own sake; we aim for solutions that are practically effective and adaptable to the specific challenges and goals at hand.

but joy of engineering does.

There are always trade-offs

It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your trade-offs are. The hardest part is to calculate trade-off values. The same applicable for software development. It is much easier to choose technology when you know what problems you are solving today vs what problems you need to solve in the future.

and feedback loops.

Problem first, technology second

We don’t force a high-tech solution where a simple one will do. Why use heavy machinery for small-scale excavation or a pickaxe for large-scale ore mining, or rely on BIM when a spreadsheet suffices?
Our goal is to find the most effective and efficient solution. We believe in using the right tool for the right job, ensuring our technology choices are always driven by real-world needs and results, while being mindful of long-term strategy and vision

and finally, solution.

We don’t transform the industry

In the complex world of the AEC industry, transformation isn't an overnight phenomenon. At Sunbim, we recognize that real change is a gradual and challenging process. Rather than claiming to transform the industry, we pride ourselves on being problem solvers. Our approach is grounded in practicality and efficiency, offering targeted solutions to specific issues faced by professionals in the field.

we work together towards

Value to customers

Our goal at Sunbim is to develop software that enables our customers to become exactly who they aspire to be, whether that's a highly skilled, top-earning engineer, an innovative director on the rise, or a manager doubling their salary.

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